Computerised TFO Twister

Computerised TFO Twister
Computerised TFO Twister
Change of Technical Structure in Traverse CAM

Even winding type by the fixed distance of traverse feeding, Iengthning the life of CAM by lower tension of traverse spring.

Lower-Noise Spindle
Lower-Noise Spindle

• Making the noise against air minimize by the desing of spindle
• Exact concentric degree and lengthening of life of spindle by the non-bolt type

Computerised TFO Twister
More Easier Operation of Gearbox

• Attachment of the automatic oil suply device
• Management of tools and prevention of loos of spare gear
• Maintenance of clear gear box and lengthenance of life of gear

Computerised TFO Twister
TPrecise Spindle speed

Both spindle and bolster are precisely processd by our own equipments with high performance, and then go through the strict quality in spection procedures, so that they can remarkably performance even at high speed.

Computerised TFO Twister
Lass Noise and Improved Durability

Not only is the bolster specially designed for precise processing to minmize its noise, but also durability is remarkably improved by guaranteeing less vibration on the basis of strict analysis on mechanical vibration.

Computerised TFO Twister
Convenient Work ability

The height of this machine is best suited for convenient workability, the loading and unloading of cylinder are simple, and a new type of cradle is applied to be available for reduction of working time.

No. of Spindle : 70 U 07 08


10 11
No. of Section : 90 U 280 320 360 400 440
No. of Section 224 256


320 352
Machine length (Mtr.) 14.6 16.4 18.2 20 21.8
Machine width 750 mm

Frame Double deck on both sides
Supply package Nylon or polyester pirn 100~85 mm dia *270~240 mm long
Take-up package Cylinder and cheese
Take-up capacity(max) 1000grm./ 750gr
Denier Range 30-300d
Yarn Filament
Dribe Motor 7.5kw,4p*2 set Star delta slow start device S & Z twists switchable
Spindle speed 7,000-18,000 r.p.m.
Motor pulley 3 pcs. For 10,000, 12,000 & 14,000 r.p.m As the standard supply
Twist range 400-4,000T/M yarn speed shall be set at Max. 50 mtr/min
Spindle belt Endless belt with nylon core
Tension Ball tension device
Feed roller V-groove plate made of M.S. Hard Chrome/Ceramics
Package form Central G-Box
Take-up package Spindle less cradle type
Yarn feed stop device at yarn breakage
Twist per-meter.
Spindle RPM
Yarn speed-meter.