Two For One Twister for Spun

Two For One Twister for Spun
Type Double side & single deck
Model JIGAR 150 HS - SP/EC
Yarn Spun, Cotton, Filament & Viscose
Pot dia 150 mm
Count range 2/16 to 2/80
No. of spindles Max. 240
No. of spindles / Section 12
Spindle gauge 256 mm
Feed packege
Tube in side dia
Max. out side dia
900 gram
170 mm leangth
43 mm
150 mm
3 30'/ 4 20' or cheese
Twister range 2.5 to 43 TPI
Spindle speed Max 14000 RPM (as per count)
Effective twist insertion 28000
Spindle drive Tangential belt
Delivery package
Traverse length
Cone / cheese length
Max. dia.
3.0 kg.
150 mm
170 mm
300 mm
3 30'/ 4 20'/ 5 57' cheese
Starting system Slow start by inverter drive
Twist direction S & Z selectable
Supply package stabilization Megnet system
Tension device Capsule type
Optional Balloon limiter
Waxing device
Oil attachment
Tail end bunching device
Individual-Spindle motor drive


  • Automatic control system of CNC control of spindle revolutions and speed of travers with built-in inverter, Various memory function of PLC.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Efficiency to meet the need of high speed opertion.
  • High quality of twisted yarn.
  • Variety of models for various uses.
  • Suitable for use in wind range of yarn types and different yarn counts.
  • Structure of very low noise level.


Balloon Limiter
Balloon Limiter (Option)

It is a device of which surface is specially treated smoothly and which can provide high-speed revolution in order todecrease power and increase productivith by making balloon small in case of large balloon.


All the cones with cone angle within the range of 0º 0'~5º 57' can be used by changing cone holder. Adjusting of the cradle is simple and take-up can be done up to 300 mm.

Electronic Driving System
Electronic Driving System (Option)

It is possible to set the RPM, T/M, lease ANGLE, and take-up LENGTH without changing the gears by electronic control of the machine with utilizing the inverter and electronic driving system, It saves power energy and check exactly all running condition through HMI.


Roller Bearing type bolster is used which exhibits excellent durability even for high speed rotation and high-precision for hard ceramic is applied to all the yarn passages for the ideal balloon formation and good quality of the products.

Motor Box
Motor Box

All the switches and the indicators are collected in one panel, operation of the machine and observation of the operating state are easy and convenient.

Auto-Tensioning Device
Auto-Tensioning Device

Appropriate tensioning is achieved automatically by tangential and in case there is a change in twist direction the magnitudes of tension of both belts are adjusted automatically and a special device is attached to absorb the shock due to load variation.

No. of Spindle 180 192


216 228 240
No. of Section 15 16 17 18 19 20
Machine length (Mtr.) 25 26.53 28.06 29.59 31.12 32.65
Machine width 750 mm