Two For One Twister (ATE-70-EC)

Two For One Twister
Two For One Twister
Two For One Twister
  • Making the noise against air minimize by the design of spindle
  • Exact concentric degree and Lengthening of life of spindle by non-bol type.
Two For One Twister
Change of Techinacal Structure in Travers cam
  • Even winding type by fixed Distance of travers feeding.
  • Iengthening the life of cam, by lower tension of travers spining.

No of Spindle O70 No of Section Length
352 11 15,510 Omt.
384 12 16,790 Omt.
416 13 18,070 Omt
448 14 19,350 Omt.
Feature :
Tension device gives feeding tension to the yarns gradually and maintains constant twisting to minimize fluff, loops and breakage.
High-precision Cradle type take-up
sets uniform contact of each spindle and runing belt, and mininizes uneven revlution of each spindle to prevent irregular twister.
Spindleless Cradle type take-up
obtains even and parallel taking-up of twisted yarns on the cylinders and eliminates inferior shaped tapered take-up.
Take-up package up to 650 grms.
Less maintenance.
Less power consumption.
Two For One Twister