Pirn Winder

Pirn Winder
Spindle Max. 128 (Multiple of 8 Spindle)
Yarn Speed Max. 800m/min
Pirm Dimension

42 x 270mm (1kg)/ 42 x 330mm (1.5kg)

Even Yarn Speed Device Inverter type
Drive Device Tangential Flat belt
Spindle Whorve 32 mm
Travers Device Timing Belt
Travers Winder Servomotor control
Optional Oildevice
No. of Spindle 48 64


96 112 128
No. of Section 3 4 5 6 7 8
Machine length (Mtr.) 5.76 7.20 8.64 10.08 11.52 13
Machine width 750 mm
Pirn Winder
  • Management of even yarn speed by the free control of winding speed Improvement of quality in yarn by the free control of winding speed
  • Improvement by the betterment of yarn guide parts Free selection of traverse distance and yarn speed
  • Easy operation of belt and easy stop by use of transparent spindle rail cover-patient application.
Pirn Winder
Automatic Control system of CNC
  • Control of spindle revolution and speed of travers with built-in inverter
  • Various memory function of PLC
Spindle & Traverse Drive Part
  • Gaurantee of exactness in supplying power by making the contact side of tension pulley round, and prevention of belt from breakaway
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